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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Head Hunting in Argentina - Spintrum Jobs

Spintrum Jobs is a great source for IT jobs in argentina, here is some description

Are you a promising or talented IT-professional, and:
1. Are you looking for a job in Argentina or South America in general?
2. Would you like to gain international experience in Europe and the USA?
3. Do you strive for a career with an international company?
4. Would you mind doing projects abroad?

5. Do you want to work with companies that change the world?

6. Do you want to combine work and study in Europe and get international certificates and degrees?

7. Or are you just interested in personal development and want to speak several languages?

Looking for international adventure or a challenging job/project near to you, THEN:

Register your CV on ‘Spintrum Jobs’!
Check their website:

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